Autonomy Fitness operates out of Vancouver, Unceded Squamish, Musqueam, and Tsleil Waututh Territories.

Autonomy Fitness is a body positive personal training service dedicated to empowering you to feel your best in your body, according to your own terms. Autonomy offers you support in gaining strength, power, endurance and confidence, while leaving diet talk, fatphobia, transphobia, and eurocentric body standards at the door.

Autonomy welcomes and centers the participation of Indigenous people, Black people, People of colour, queer fam, gender binary breakers, radicals, and beyond- in any shape and at every size.

Your body is yours; no one can take away your autonomy

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Love & Praise

With her sense of humour and compassion, and her up to date expertise about which exercises are most effective for targetting specific goals, Ruby has helped me become more solid in my body and more confident working out, not only during our training sessions but in my day to day life. She's an absolute gem for anyone who has wanted to work with a personal trainer to get healthier and stronger, but who doesn't want to deal with gym culture. I'm so excited to get to come to my next session!
Ruby holds our sessions with a sense of safety and encouragement, so I can challenge myself. I'm often surprised by what I'm able to do, and I notice that I'm becoming stronger and more confident through this process. I've also been able to incorporate more movement and exercise into my regular routines between training sessions - benefitting from accountability from Ruby and opportunities to celebrate success together.
Ruby has a body-positive approach, and a gender-affirming perspective. When working with Ruby, I can be my whole queer, non-binary, tender and strong self. I really appreciate having a trainer and gym environment where this is possible!
B. A.
Ruby & Autonomy Fitness helped me feel strong in my body, by reminding me to listen to it, to gently challenge it, and to simply and powerfully embrace it. Those sessions were the most comfortable and excited I've felt working with a fitness professional.
Francis Arevalo