Introductory offer

Standard: $189 for first time clients

Generous: $230 for first time clients

The Introductory Offer is for anyone  looking to introduce movement into their bodies, and get a taste of what body positive personal training is all about!  Includes a one-on one consultation with holistic health assessment with your trainer, and two 50 minute work-out sessions.

Must be used within 30 days

Single Sessions

Standard: $75 /hour

Generous: $95 /hour

This offer is for folks who have previously trained through Autonomy and looking for a little boost of support, or for ideas in changing up their regular program.


Standard: $95 /hr for two people

Generous: $125 /hr for two people

Have you been wanting to move your body, but feel you want the support of a friend or partner to get you started? This session is for you! Focused attention and personalization that you crave from a personal training session, at a more affordable rate. It doesn’t get better than this!

$30 consultation fee required for first time clients

6 Session Punch Card

Standard: $379

Generous: $409

Ready for more consistent support in achieving your wellness and fitness goals? This offer includes a personalized program card, and six 50 minute sessions with your trainer, for a more affordable price! 

Must be used within 90 days

**All prices include taxes

a note on pricing

To ensure access for all clients, all Autonomy services have either Standard or Generous prices.

The price difference between the Standard and Generous goes towards the Right to Movement Community Access Fund, for people with low incomes who are not able to pay the full personal training fee.

Right to Movement Community Access Fund

The Right to Movement Community Access Fund prioritizes Trans,  Non Binary Indigenous, Black, and Racialized individuals, as well as people with disabilities.  Autonomy recognizes that individuals from these identity intersections are less likely to be given employment, have access to secondary education, or hold meaningful employment with a pay rate that accurately reflects their work and brilliance.

Autonomy Fitness also recognizes that this business is run on stolen Indigenous Land, and benefits from settler colonial violence on Indigenous Lands and bodies. As such, Autonomy prioritizes low income Indigenous individuals for the Community Access Funds above all else.

To access the Access Fund, please write Autonomy a message with what you might be able to afford, and  a payment arrangement for a full or partial subsidy.

The Right to Movement Community Access Fund relies entirely on community donations, so please consider giving towards initiative, or paying the generous training rate when you are able.